Jeff Piccolella, West Palm Beach, Florida (criminal mischief, use of firearm under influence) [PBI]

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    Name: Jeff Piccolella, West Palm Beach, Florida

    Age: 27 (born 9 Apr 1984)

    TSA Job: Part-time "Officer"

    Crimes: Criminal mischief, reckless use of a firearm while under the influence

    Miami New Times (28 Mar 2012): TSA Employees Trash South Beach Hotel Room, Shoot Guns in Air

    Miami Herald (28 Mar 2012): TSA officers charged with trashing South Beach hotel room, shooting gun

    Local 10 (28 Mar 2012): TSA workers arrested after wild night on South Beach: Men worked at Palm Beach International Airport

    NBC 6 Miami (28 Mar 2012): TSA Agents Fired Gun, Threw Furniture Out Window in Drunken Hotel Ruckus: Miami Beach Police: Criminal mischief charges for TSA officers in wild hotel rampage

    criminal mischief, reckless use of firearms under the influence, PBI, Jeff Piccolella, West Palm Beach, Florida
  2. According to his Facebook page, Jeff Piccolello:
    • Is employed by the Department of Homeland Security
    • Graduated from UCF in 2007 with a degree in psychology
    • Graduated from Eau Gallie High School in 2002
    • Hometown is Melbourne, Florida
    • Currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida
    piccolello jeff facebook profile.jpg
  3. Huffington Post (28 Mar 2012): Drunk TSA Agents Jeffrey Piccolella and Nicholas Puccio Trashed Room, Shot Gun Out Window At Hotel Shelley: Miami Beach Police

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